Being a part of LFTA’s community of contributing artists

There are many ways to access our services and to be a part of our growing community if you are based here in the UK.

1 - via membership of SAA

If you are a member of SAA, at any membership level, then you can use our services through your membership. If you are a Professional Artist level member at Gold or higher you can even apply to be considered to have a public/wholeasle shop on this website to sell your cards here.

Existing members of SAA, at any level, can register on SAA's own print system that links to our products and production solution (and is run by us). Go to to register.

SAA membership has many other benefits so you should check out what is available to you through this route. SAA membership suits traditional painters, but if you are a crafter, illustrator, photographer, sculptor, or a creative whose work does not really fit with SAA, then one of our other routes will make more sense for you.

2- Via LFTA Groups:

We have new artist-led LFTA groups who will be glad to consider you for membership. These are free to join and they give you full access to our product creation services and can also give you the option to apply for a shop presence on this website if you are active and doing well within your group.

Our groups are sometimes geographically based and sometimes focused on artist or work types. At the moment, for example, we have a national coverage group called 'Alley Cat' which is starting to develop product sets that are aimed at being very effective for pet portrait and wildlife artists specifically.

3- Directly into our programme:

We supply cards to shops all over the world, and sometimes shops join us when they are keen to stock work from particular artists, perhaps local to them, who we may or may not know already. In such cases we will consider bringing the artists on to our programme directly where the artist is new to us.

And, sometimes, we might reach out to you, if we see someone who we feel would really add something to our product range and whose work would be interesting for our many shop customers.

General Info:

Through this year (2024) we will be developing new options for you to participate and also for members to sell more products through this website than just cards and calendars. Our products system has many more products that you can create, but this shop website has not yet caught up. 2023/2024 will see this change.

What to do next:

Initially, please contact us through our Contact Page or email Ian at and let us know that you are interested to know more. Tell us who you are, what you do (with a link to your website or something that tells us more about you) and where you are located in the UK so we can best advise a route for you.

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