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Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs:

I want to get some cards printed - how do I go about it?

Our facilities are soley for the use of our members/contributors. We do not offer any kind of printing service to non-members.

What is the benefit of registering with you?

Registering a simple USER ACCOUNT when shopping on this site mainly gives you a quicker process through to checkout because you can access your stored addresses. Similarly, you can access past orders from your order history page. Registering also allows you to add images into a personal library that will be available to you when you personalise cards.

I am an artist/photographer - can I join and be a contributor to LFTA?

Sure, if you are NOT already registered on this site, then please register here (selecting the APPLY TO JOIN option) or go to LoveFromTheArtist.org and register with our core programme. We will get in touch with you and take things forward from there.

If you already have a simple user account on this website but now wish to join our programme please Contact Us

I registered with you but no one contacted me - why?

If you registered as a shop or applied to join then we ALWAYS respond so check your spam/junk folder in case our email has gone there. We never take more than a few days to respond to shop or new member requests.

It is very often the case that people register a simple USER ACCOUNT and think they have somehow joined the programme. This is not so - artists on this programme are invited to join once we have assessed that they qualify to be a member. If you registered a simple user account then we won't have any reason to get in touch with you about membership. We will assume you are simply an online shopper.

If this is you, then you can always Contact Us

Why are you doing this?

We love art and love things like greetings cards. We also get hugely frustrated at how difficult it is to get good artistic and designer cards (the shops seem to have fewer on offer each year). We also know that there are so many great artists, photographers, illustrators and designers out there who might like to get their work into the hands of the card buying public. We want to see an open market for talented people to offer their designs out and get properly and fully remunerated for that.

I'm thinking of becoming a contributor. Can I have a sample card sent to me?

We are often asked to send sample cards. When we do this it costs us money to print a card and then to post it. If and when you become a contributor on our system, you might sell many cards and make lots of money (we hope), but we don’t get any of it so there is no way for us ever to recover the cost of the sample(s).

So, rather than ask us for a sample card, why not buy one from one of our artists? That way you help a worthy cause in the process of answering your question.

Will you promote and market me and help me to sell my cards?

We do some promotional work or marketing of the content on LFTA, but only on a very small scale, through things like ‘card of the month’ and ‘artist of the month’ etc., but in the main we like to encourage you to push your own work through your marketing activities, for instance via Facebook and other social media and web activity.

As a contributor on LFTA you have a directly accessible link to your site area that can be promoted by your own efforts.

We do promote the programme itself without singling out individual artists. This is mainly to small shops and retail outlets who might like to support their local artists or who just want a wider and better range of cards to select in smaller quantities.

We also promote the programme as a whole to other groups such as the WI, but again, these activities do not focus on specific artists and instead promote the diversity and range of work on the programme overall.

How can I help you?

We're a very small and self-funded charitable organisation. We would be very happy to receive help in any practical form, especially if you are a person of influence and feel you can open some doors to spread the word about us. Outside of that, just keep watching our site and looking at our contributors' works (and buying of course).
Shop Buyers:

I am a shop - how do I access wholesale pricing?

Please register with us as a shop. We will contact you to verify that you qualify and then open wholesale access for your log-in.

I can't find the page for artists' calendars - where is it?

Firstly, you must be logged in with a valid wholesale (shop) account to access the calendars page. If you are logged in then there is a tile on the home page to take you to the calendars.


How do I reorder items I have ordered before?

If you were logged in when you ordered then the order information will be in your order history. (Log in) Go to 'Your Account' (or 'Hello [your name]') on the menu and select 'Order History' from the choices offered. Click on the order reference you are interested in to review the items it contains. There is a button to add these items to your current basket at the bottom of the page. If you don't want all the items just remove the unwanted ones from your basket in the normal way.

Can I copy my personalisation onto other cards of different design?

Yes, you can do this using the saved personalisations feature. You will need to log in to save your design content, but once saved you can copy it to the 'clipboard' and later 'paste' it into other cards you have opened for personalising.

(Log in) Go to 'Your Account' (or 'Hello [your name]') on the menu and select 'Manage Account'. From the buttons, choose 'Your Saved Personalisations', open the one you're interested in and use the 'Copy' button to put this content onto the 'clipboard'.

Shop as normal - when you open a new item and go to the 'Personalise Now' function, you will get a 'Paste' button above your new item if it is compatible with the clipboard content.

Note that paste will delete any other content so paste first then edit or add to this afterwards.

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