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About : Sally Barr - Artist and Illustrator based in Watford, Hertfordshire

Sally Barr is a Uk based painter and illustrator.  She received a degree in Graphic Design from Middlesex University and primarily works in acrylics but is not restricted to one medium.  Born in East London, she now resides in Hertfordshire in the UK.  Sally is a contributor to the art abandonment movement and has a sketchbook stored at the Brooklyn Library in the US.  Current projects include the illustrations for a childrens book for two publishers, one in London and the other in South Africa. A piece of work submitted for an exhibition on Frances Connelly and the sufragettes has been requested for the front cover of the OMP magazine and if not working on a commission she is always painting for fun. 

Signature influences are contrast in texture and she enjoys mixing different eras to create unique pieces.  A strong feminine vibe creeps into much of her work, she enjoys vibrant and retro colours and a touch of art deco/nouveau. 


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