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About : Jane Cope - artist in Topsham, Devon

I am a Devon-based artist, living and working near Exeter. As a book illustrator for many years the narrative picture is home ground for me and so is text, so many of my paintings return to this familiar territory.

Much of my work is oil and mixed media on canvas, and I often use newsprint rather like underpainting. It creates texture and a layer of meaning, sometimes random, sometimes deliberately chosen, that peeps through the picture we see on the surface. My subject matter ranges widely, from local land/cityscape, birds, animals, portrait, cartoon and abstract, reflecting the spectrum of my illustration work.... and an unwillingness to be constrained by one style or genre!

I see layers, ambiguity, metamorphosis, my 'bendy' perspective as a familiar part of our uncertain world – and a source of humour too. 

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