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About : Kerri-Ann Betty- Artist, Illustrator and Photographer based in Seaton, Devon

I'm an artist and illustrator working both traditionally and digitally. 

My name is Kerri-Ann Betty (previously Briggs) I'm married to Jon Betty, I have 2 children and 3 step children. I own Betty's Books & Devon Art Supplies a shop in Seaton, Devon. 

I have an art and design based Open Degree and a Masters Degree in Philosophy (Aesthetics focused) 

I'm very open about the fact that I have a mental health condition which many will know as 'bipolar' but when I was diagnosed years ago was called 'manic depression' that effects my day to day life in lots ways. One of the most obvious ways is that I can seem happy and chatty one moment and look withdrawn and angry or grumpy the next, so if you meet me and I seem grumpy please know I'm not, I'm just struggling at that moment. The smiling happy face I put on for you all on my You Tube channel and Tiktok is very far from my reality. 

Another thing you will notice about me is that I struggle to work in one medium or style, this is because my brain doesn't allow me to focus on one thing for long. I have to be busy 24/7 and my brain constantly wants to try new things. I can become hyper fixated on a a particular medium or style for a period of time and then later not want to work with it. Eventually I go back to it but it can be month long gaps sometimes. This can appear strange to some and it certainly doesn't fit with the 'traditional art world' where artists are forced to develop a style and stick to a niche. Thankfully people are slowly becoming more accepting of artists who like me like to try different mediums and styles.

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