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About : Katherine Shock Paintings - Artist and Photographer based in Oxford , Oxfordshire

 Born in London, Katherine moved to Oxford over 30 years ago and has been painting and selling her watercolour sketches from there to an enthusiastic public ever since via galleries and exhibitions.  She usually paints from life as she finds it keeps the images fresh and vivid.  By combining the gentle flow of watercolour with the quick energy of pen and ink and sometimes charcoal she can try to capture the way the light blends the colours or the way the quircky architectural details stand out against the skyline.

Walking round beautiful cities makes her want to stop to catch the fleeting moment oflight reflecting off mellow stonework, water sparkling in the river or the narrow allies that break through to magnificent set pieces of architecture. She feels she will never tire of the generosity of Oxford's beauty and its surprising corners.

Two books are now available from Signal Books, direct from her website or via Oxford bookshops with her paintings of Oxford and London and the poetry of John Elinger enabling the visitor to enjoy both these great cities with suggested walking routes to see all the sites included.

'That Sweet City' - Visions of Oxford and 'That Mighty Heart' - Visions of London give new and familiar lovers of these places new insights into the treasures to be found there. 

Here is a link to my the website

 Magpie Lane, Oxford

She is also the sculpture co-ordinator for the Turrill Sculpture Garden in Oxford and photographs many of the fine works on sale during different exhibitions throughout the year, producing cards for sale based on these. will show current exhibitions and details of past shows.


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