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About : Stella Tripp - Artist based in Exeter, Devon

Born in Taunton, Somerset, Stella travelled to her current home in Devon, a very long way round. After a few years in Israel, Stella returned to Taunton to do a foundation course; then on to Portsmouth (BA Hons Fine Art); a few years in London; three in the USA (MA Fine Art; MFA) and a year in Cornwall, before settling in Exeter.

Stella works in a wide variety of media, crossing boundaries between drawing, painting and sculpture.


“Art is how I engage with the world. It’s what I look for, what I look at, how I interpret what I see, how I understand what I feel, how I try to make sense of the world around me. My driving force is the process of creating: the physical sensuality of the materials; the alchemy of transformation.

We all create our own reality. My work explores the nature of reality, the fragility of the world and our engagement with it: the complexity of fragments that mesh together to make each one of us something greater than the sum of all the parts.”


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