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About : Julia Barnickle - Artist and Photographer based in Kingston, Surrey


Julia BarnickleJulia Barnickle is a film maker, photographer, artist and writer.

Born in Birmingham, she has lived in London, with her husband, for over thirty years – only discovering the delights of her adopted home in the past couple of years, while exploring with her camera.

Diagnosed with breast cancer six times in eleven years, and now living with Stage IV / secondary / metastatic breast cancer, Julia believes that illness and injury are the Soul’s way of trying to communicate with us, through our body, when we refuse to listen to our heart or our intuition. 

She is currently writing her memoirs of Taking Life As It Comes, for publication in 2019, while continuing to figure out what her Soul is trying to say.

Julia shares her films, photographs, writing and art, as well as her philosophy of “Taking Life As It Comes” on her website:

Her memoirs can be read at:

[photo credit: Xanthe Berkeley] 

[location: Shoreditch, London] 


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